When buying a family car for the first time, you are not just considering your personal needs in a car but also those of your entire family. Above anything, family cars need to be practical and safe just like the Toyota Innova in the Philippines. Here are some of the things to consider when buying a family car.

Here are the few things to consider while buying your first family car :

Safety features

safety features in car

First and foremost, find vehicles with the best possible safety features to ensure your family’s safety while on the road. Some basic safety features to look for in a family car include airbags, anti-lock braking systems, seat belts, door and window locks for children, among others. There are also many cars with advanced safety features such as electronic stability programs, reverse parking sensors and camera, and many more. Know which of these are most important for you and your family’s safety. Moreover, to know which cars have the most up to date features, try reading online car reviews or the latest automobile magazine issues. Among all the factors to consider when purchasing a family car, safety should always be among your top priorities.

Car size and storage

size and storage in family car

Another important factor to consider when buying a family car is the size and storage space. The last thing you want is to have your kids fighting over space for hours during long road trips. So remember to check whether or not everyone in your family will be able to comfortably fit in the car. You should also know how many car seats can fit in the backseat, especially if you have infants and children in your family. Besides this, it is also important to have enough storage space in your car for your family’s lifestyle and needs. For instance, your family might be able to fit into a regular sedan, but it might not have enough space for the luggage you will be bringing along on the road trips you plan to have. Lastly, do not forget to consider if your car will fit in your garage space. Generally, going for larger cars is much safer than smaller ones so that there is still room in case your family grows in the future.


Another essential thing to consider is how much you can afford to spend on a new car. Before you begin your search for your first family car, make sure to decide on your budget and to stick to it. Keep in mind that with kids to take care of, purchasing a brand new and expensive model might not be the most practical choice. However, do not worry because there is plenty of high quality yet affordable family cars available in the Philippines such as the Toyota Innova. You can also consider buying second-hand to help save money.

Cost of gas and maintenance

cost of gas and maintenance

However, financial aspects to consider should not stop at the budget for purchasing the car. One factor that is often overlooked is how much it will cost to run the car. This includes the costs of gas and routine maintenance such as oil changes, battery maintenance, and more. The costs for maintaining a car tend to add up, especially alongside the costs of raising kids. So, make sure you have enough room in your monthly budget to take care of these.

Location and conditions

locations and conditions

Another tip when choosing a family car is to make sure that the one you purchase is suitable for the environment and conditions you plan to use it in. For example, if it rains and floods frequently in your area, it would be best to invest in a car with added height or ground clearance, as well as powerful wipers and headlights for good visibility. Additionally, considering your location will prevent your maintenance bills from skyrocketing in the future. For instance, if you plan to drive this car mainly for bringing your kids to school at low speeds, then avoid buying a diesel-powered car since these are not suited for low speed and low mileage driving over a long period of time.

Car interior

car interior

Another factor that is often overlooked is whether the car’s interior is suitable for family life or not. There is no denying that kids, especially infants and toddlers, tend to make a mess wherever they go. Thus, remember to consider if the material used for the car’s interior is easy to clean or not. One tip is to purchase a car with a dark interior trim since stains and messes will not be as obvious.

Key Takeaway

Purchasing a family car entails a lot of planning, not just for your current needs but also for the future needs of your family. Thus, buying a family car is significantly more difficult than buying a car for yourself. Nonetheless, this endeavour is made easier with research and by knowing what needs to prioritise.

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