Undoubtedly you are going to write tons of assignment in university and during your semester. Is it so? Yes! Of course, but the concern is that your professor is going to audit each and everything in your assignment from content to grammar to plag.

Along with the assignment you might be asked to write an essay or some article on the respective assigned topic. And grammar is the one crucial factor that is being counted in every aspect of writing whether you are answering any question in the examination or you are making an assignment. Thus, it’s better to learn grammar rules before proceeding further with the next assignment writing. What do you guys think? If you agree with me then learn the top grammar tips to write a perfect assignment.

Top 4 Grammar Tips for an academic assignment

Tip 1- Use of “I”, “my”, or “me”.

You probably write hundreds of assignment or essay during your semester and the common mistake that everyone is repeating that they don’t know how to use I, me, my or how to refer yourself. So, it is better to understand how to use these pronouns (I, me, my) in a sentence. Try to remove other people from the sentence. Let me tell with example. You are not supposed to say “Alex and myself ate veggies for dinner”. The correct grammar would be “Alex and I ate veggie for dinner”.

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Tip 2- Don’t mess with Common word

  • Numbers of time you are going to encounter common words such as “their”, “they’re” and there. I know these words irritated enough and you may get offended several times while using these words. Now, allow me to make you understand what is the basic difference between all these. We generally use “their” to refer to an item or substance which belong to various people. On the other hand, They’re is used in the sentence where we use “there are”. We tend to replace they are to they’re. The last one in the list is “there” it is commonly used to indicate the place. For example “we went there yesterday”

  • There are few common words in the list are “you’re” and your. Don’t confuse these words sound the same but both have a different meaning. Let’s take an example. You’re we use in the place of “you are” on the other hand “you”r is used to referencing and to indicate the belongings.

Tip 3- Avoid passive voice while writing

It is said that passive voice sounds more appealing compared to the active voice. Yes! It is not grammatically correct but it sounds good for example “food was been eaten”. Your professor won’t like these things and it may affect your grades also. Thus, it’s better to avoid passive voice while writing and try to use more active sentences while writing.

Tip 4- Proper use of Commas and Semicolons

Commas and semicolons both are really confusing we usually make blunders while putting comma and semicolon in the sentence. We all know that comma is used to break up a sentence. Now, let’s talk about the rule. Never use a comma between noun and pronoun if we talk about semicolon it is used in linking between two sentences. For example, “we went to Antarctica; it was a perfect tour”. And if still confused how to put a semicolon in the sentence you can start a new sentence.  


In a Crux

This was all about grammar tips on how one can use proper grammar while writing an assignment or an essay. If you keep above-pointers in mind it will really help you in acing your next semester’s assignment and examination too. Grammar is the part of our daily routine we can’t neglect it anyhow. Thus, it’s better to learn the nuances and apply on in academic writing.

Good Luck!

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