Let’s start by going over a few logo truths. There is a general unanimity among the logo developers and designers that a logo has to be simple, unique, scalable, memorable, and monochrome. Ensuring all these attributes in a logo is the result of constant practice, and we are not here to break the holy grail of any of these logo fundamentals. With that being said, the quality of a logo is not all about these log prerequisites; there more to logo quality than these general logo mantras.

With the increasing number of online logo maker tools and design agencies, finding the right one is actually quite challenging in this internet-driven world. Where many huge organizations and companies hire design professionals, many fresh startups and small-sized businesses prefer to stay lean and usually outsource their logo design work.

Since the chief target of every entrepreneur is to keep the operational and organizational costs low, getting affordable logo design services can be a tad bit difficult for many of the newbies in the business world. However, now with artificial intelligence, anyone can create amazing logo masterpieces without any hassles.

Easing up the design job for entrepreneurs:

If you run a startup business, you must know that most of the fresh startups have a tight business budget which makes it difficult for the entrepreneurs to hire professional help, be it free online logo maker tool to create own logos. However, now they have a viable option—the option of using online AI-powered logo design tools and applications.

Where AI-powered tools are not just cost-effective and easy to use they also provide you with multitudes of benefits like:

  • Cost-effective substitute to hiring experienced logo designers.
  • Acquirement of high-quality logos.
  • Unique designs.
  • Less research work.
  • Tons of design mockups for inspiration.
  • Better alternative to other DIY logo making tools and applications.

The ultimate target of the designer is to create a logo that can make your business and brand stand out in the crowded business industry. A logo is the illustrative representation of your business values, objectives and what your business is all about. Getting your business message across the global targeted audience is of crucial importance because if that message is not delivered successful you will not be able to attract the potential customers and business prospects.

The topmost logo maker tools for small startups:

However, for lean startups, the goal is to achieve a great and high-quality logo design in a cost-effective way. That’s exactly when the free online logo designing tools and applications come into play. Whether you run a huge and successful company or small-sized business organizations, these online tools not only provide you with great logos but in addition to that they also offer:

  •    Free templates.
  •    Logo design inspirations.
  •    High-quality layouts.
  •    Free downloads of finalized logo design.  

So without further ado, here the top logo maker tools that are widely used by startups and many huge and renowned businesses and brands:

  • Design Iconic:

This AI-powered design tool comes with incredibly advanced features and offers a simple design process that allows you to get an amazing logo design within minutes. All you have to is to create an account, and you can make your first free logo design at the same time. From business and finance industry to gaming and automotive industries, this platform covers an extensive category of industries and branding strategies.

Once you have your logo design, you can make amends and edits to it using their high-quality editing toolset, offering a large library of remarkable stock images, a plethora of colors schemes, diverse color palettes and hundreds of amazing design layouts, styles, and patterns. The best part about these online tools is that it is easy and free to use, and one doesn’t require technical expertise to use it.

  • Logojoy:

Let’s go step-by-step for this one: first, you enter your name, second, you type in your industry’s category and third let the AI-engine do its job. It’s highly-functional and efficient AI-engine enables you to generate exceptional logo designs without many hassles. The tools provide you with hundreds of mockup designs and templates, and it also allows you to choose from a large collection of color palettes and schemes. Pick the right and suitable graphic design elements, add a tagline, fine-tune your design, and you will have a great logo design within no time. Love the design? Get high-quality design at a reasonable price.

  • Logaster:

If the clean, crisp, and simple design is what you are going for, then, Logaster is the perfect designing partner for you. The designing process is quite easy, simply enter the brand name, and choose the right elements and tagline, select the suitable color palette and refine your design to get the best results. The tool allows you to customize the layout, text, fonts, colors, and other elements before you can pay for anything.

  • Squarespace:

If you are looking for something simple and unique, then Squarespace is the right platform for you. Enter the company’s name, edit the color, symbols, size, and font to refine the overall design. The tool allows you to move different elements in order to get the right combination of different design aspects. Once you are done with the designing process, you can download the watermarked version for free, or you could get a small price to get the high-quality no watermark version of your logo design.

  • Canva:

Regarded as the gold standard for graphic and logo designing, Canva allows you to make incredible designs for the website, social media, logos, and many more. Canva has a huge archive of different and high-quality stock images. A library filled with tons of free templates and free sample designs. A wide-ranging color palette and hundreds of color schemes to enable you to make amazing logo designs.



Undeniably, with the advent of logo designing tools and applications, the job of logo designing has been eased up to a much greater extent. If you are looking for a great and impression-creating logo design, then find the right tool and let the tool work its magic.  

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