Powered turntable is a revolution in the world of music. If you keep it maintained, you will get the best sound out of the player. Besides this, it also increases the lifespan of the gear and the vinyl collection. Let’s find out more about this device, and how to keep it maintained.

Mechanism of Powered Turntable

Basically, there are three main components of a powered turntable, which are the platter, the tone arm, and the head shell. Those who are in the process of collecting vinyl, they should know a bit about the mechanics like when you drop an arm on record, it involves sophisticated physics for the playback. There is a small needle that reads up microscopic etching and only then the music comes up. This microscopic etching is present in the groove walls where the needle must traverse these grooves for a perfect tracking. If this is not ensured, then you won’t hear clear sound.

In the realm of vinyl sound quality, annoying noises and unwanted vibrations are the worst enemies. The turntable has the stylus, but it cannot tell any difference between vibration through the floor and that from the stylus. To eliminate such distractions, vibrations and unwanted noises or resonances, you got to follow certain guidelines. Following them accurately will let you hear clear music without any disturbance. If you keep it maintained, you are sure to get the best sound from your powered turntable for many years to come.

Maintaining the turntable

If you already have a turntable, then you must know how to get the maximum out of it and increase its life. You must get the replacement parts of turntable from the manufacturer only. Turntable also requires care and upkeep so that it can last for years. Seasonal tune-up of turntable is needed for sure. Vinyl cleaning and proper turntable care is worth considering if you own a turntable. Let’s see how to do that.

Separate the powered turntable from unwanted vibration

Is your turntable not isolating properly? You may therefore buy isolating feet which is like a piece of rubber. In the isolating feet, the turntable can sit on to absorb most vibration. So, before anything is recorded, the vibration is absorbed automatically. These rubber isolating feet may be availed in the packs of 3 and 4. Just you need to fasten the rubber-like device below the powered turntable and see the magic. It will reduce the unwanted noise and vibration significantly.

Frequently clean the records

Have you purchased a used vinyl? If the record is old and you are buying a pre-owned vinyl, then learn how to clean the records. Before even you play that for the first time, you need to clean them. Just you need to apply cleaning fluid to loosen the dirt and get rid of it. After this, you may get rid of the fluid as well. You may buy the record cleaning machine available in the market quite easily. The device is quite easy to use and there is separate vacuum system to clean and maintain the record. If you use it frequently, then your record will be spotless. It is easy to clean vinyl with such equipment.

Remove the dust frequently

Vinyl can accumulate dust quite easily. You need a brush to clean the dust. Look for the carbon fibre bristles in the brush to clean the vinyl. It can remove static electricity along with the dust. It can dust the record rather than cleaning it.

Clean and maintain the stylus

If you have chosen the right type of brush, then it will hardly take 5-10 seconds to clean the stylus. A dirty stylus won’t fit the groove and so it is necessary to clean the stylus as well.

It is important to fix the issue in the turntable before you use that. Even after maintenance, contact the manufacturer if your powered turntable isn’t functioning well.

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