The evolution of t-shirt has brought along several trendy designs. From designed to be worn as a plain inner wear to being a fashion statement, t-shirts have offered many trendy designs to the fashion world. Here are some popular and latest t-shirt design trends.

Some of the Latest T-shirt Designs are:

Repeated Texts-
Repeated texts design

While some find it absolutely annoying, others droll over this design. They usually comprise of 3 or 5 words repeated vertically or horizontally. However, when it comes to this theme, the font of the texts creates a greater impact than the text itself. The message might be bold but will not be impactful if the font type does not match. Therefore, designers who create designer t-shirts for men and women with repeated texts ensure that the font is chosen in tandem with the text message.

Prints on Pocket-

Prints on pocket design

In contrast to the normal designs being printed on the t-shirt’s front, another style of print location has emerged in recent years. In this type, the designs and/or logo is printed on the front pocket location. This design is popular among those who want to promote their message in a subtle way.  

Aligned Typography-

Aligned typography design

This is also unlike the traditional patterns where designs were printed in the center. This design aligns the texts to either side of the t-shirt. Those who are fond of subtle aesthetics tend to select this. However, it only works with designs compromising 85% text. But the latest t-shirts bring illustrative designs with them. The texts are normally powerful and impactful.

Abstract Drawing-

Abstract drawing designs

Abstract drawings are the latest trend and designers tend to use a single vibrant colour to create the design. The market is flooded with designs where primary colours are merged with line work and patterns. They are simple yet chic. It is the most widely used design for casual outings.


retro design

Retro designs surface time and again in the fashion industry. When it comes to t-shirts, retro typography has paved its way back. Retro typography with hallucinogenic colour has found favor among customers all over the world yet again. They are 100% casual and are ideal to be worn for casual outings with other casual apparels. The text is not pondered about much as they are not intended to be strong. The texts are generally closed spaced and designed to fit inside the text pattern. Due to the typography and tight-spaced designs, it is tough to decipher what is written on the t-shirt. So it does matter much what is written on the t-shirt as long as it looks alluring.

Hand-Drawn Drawing-

Hand-drawn drawing design

The hand-drawn, sketchbook-type drawings go well with casual jeans. The textural look of this type is clean and nostalgic. The most popular design under this section is the use of one colour for print over the contrasting colour of the t-shirt.

Bright Colours-

Bright colours design

There was a time when black was at the highest pinnacle of fashion. Things have flipped completely and bright colours are the new in. Albeit the fact that black is evergreen, celebrities and young Youtubers now cannot get over vibrant coloured apparels. It definitely makes the t-shirt stand out, along with the person wearing it. They are considered to equate a person full of life and energy. Some of the famous bright colours include neon yellow, green, and royal blue. Bright coloured casual t-shirts go perfectly well with casual blue jeans.

Floral Drawing-

Floral drawing design

Flowers are undoubtedly beautiful and can be illustrated in a number of ways. The versatility offered by flora drawings makes it one of the highly sought-after designs. They blend in easily and can be combined with other motifs seamlessly. Floral themes also have symbolism attached to it such as beauty and growth. Floral themes do not require text at all and can speak for themselves.

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