If you are looking to spend on a cooling unit, you will want to track down one which best suits your needs perfectly and ducted aircon units are the ultimate in air conditioning design for your home or work place.

Removing the need for ugly split system units in every room and centralizing the control of the system in one handy location, Ducted Aircon Sydney systems distribute air throughout the entire house through one centralized system.

During the construction phase or during a renovation, the ducted aircon units are installed and this consists of ducts in the ceiling of each room, zones for isolating the air and an external compressor which can be installed at a convenient location directly outside the walls of your home.

It is a challenge when it comes to choosing the right system to meet your home or property needs as this can also be quite overwhelming. Yet there are plenty of important factors to consider before taking the final call on your system as it can feel like you are choosing your system on price alone.

ducted aircon unit

We have outlined some tips for how to choose your ducted aircon in Sydney to make the process simpler.

Choosing the right ducted aircon unit to meet your needs

The decision should take a few important elements into consideration as it is difficult to select the “right” ducted aircon units for your needs. There are plenty of factors which needs to be considered to get the most affordable options.

Are the features right with the ducted air conditioning system?

When it comes to ducted aircon you might be spoilt for choice so it is important to consider if the features match your home requirements when you are looking for the perfect system.

For this, you need to consider where you live, the climate and the environmental conditions. Where you live, does it require reverse cycle air conditioning for heating and cooling? Are you looking for conditioning the entire house or certain rooms and zones? Is energy efficiency your primary concern? Are you looking for the best price? Are you looking for the best warranty period? How loud is the noise level? Lastly, what is the star rating?

All you need to bear in mind that each product has unique features and there are plenty of options for ducted air conditioning systems of all sizes to meet your needs irrespective of whatever system you are looking for.

Keep in mind that each product has unique features and there are plenty of options for ducted air conditioning systems of all sizes to meet your needs with whatever system you are looking for.

Will the system fit in your current home?

There are a wide range of options if you are looking to install a ducted air conditioning system into your existing home. Ducted aircon allows the treated air to be circulated to multiple rooms throughout the house as it is regarded as the top air conditioning system, for home and commercial heating and cooling. A ducted air conditioning system adds tremendous value to your home and it justifies the installation cost whether you are renovating or making improvements ahead of selling your home.

Is a ducted aircon units best for homes in Sydney?

Among the homeowners, ducted aircon units are very popular. In the market today, it is one of the most versatile air conditioning systems which you can find. They also have reverse cycle capability which delivers both heating and cooling a home is truly all-in-one system as it comes equipped with the latest inverter technology which significantly improves the energy efficiency.

There is no one option which fits all scenarios as this is important to understand.

So is ducted air conditioning more suitable?

To a home, ducted air conditioners with reverse cycle deliver both heating and cooling. Many prefer to just have one system that does it all while some home owners prefer to install a separate heater such as ducted gas heater or wall/space heater.

On top of just producing cool air, the ducted reverse cycle air conditioners deliver excellent heating performance. You can also configure the climate in each section of your house separately with its zoning feature.

There are many advantages associated by having one system for both heating and cooling:

  • If you had a separate heating system installed, the upfront costs would be lower.
  • There are no extra equipment in your home which will taking up the space.
  • You will have less equipment to service or repair.

During the construction phase, ducted air conditioners are easy to install and the maintenance is even easier. Clean out the ducts and just service the internal and external compressors.

Larger home with complex layout

To distribute air throughout a home, a ducted air conditioner uses a network of ducts. The ducts are installed well hidden from the sight into the ceiling, wall and floor spaces.

A ducted air conditioner can reach harder to reach places in a home for this reason. You can just run a duct into each room and install an air vent into the ceiling or walls instead of installing a separate wall unit for each room. A ducted air conditioner can easily reach any part of the home with its versatile ducting system.

For the multi-storey homes, ducted air conditioners are also most suitable. The ducts can run through the different levels of a home and reach every room. They are also known as central air conditioners for this reason. Since it can effectively distribute the conditioned air throughout a home, it centrally produces warm and cool air in the compressors.

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is a good choice for most homes. Taking in concern the harsh climates which we get here in Sydney where the summers can get really hot and winters rather cold.

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