Who doesn’t love to watch cartoonish videos? Of course, everyone likes to watch little-animated characters doing some fun stuff. Explainer videos follow the same pattern, but they are a bit different from other animated videos. Explainer videos are also known as animated video production. The fundamental purpose of these videos is to introduce and explain the concepts and ideas of a business project or product. The primary objective of creating animated explainer videos is to educate and inform the target audience about the benefits, uses, and purpose of the developed product or project. Not only that, you can describe your company’s or business organization’s goals and perspectives through these animated explainer videos. Animated videos are more fun and more engaging than the non-animated videos.

Most of the huge and internationally recognized business organizations and companies have integrated animated explainer videos in their marketing strategies and use these videos as a marketing tool to promote their brand and manufactured goods and products and their offered services. Through these animated videos, you can introduce a complicated concept or idea in a simplified manner. A fun, engaging, well-scripted, well-animated video is all you need to humanize your developing brand and to globalize your manufactured products.  

Guidelines for creating animated explainer videos:

Now that you know how important an animated explainer video is for your brand promotion and product recognition, it’s time to start using it as a marketing tool. Once you have decided to reap the benefits of these animated videos, it time to start searching about animators or professionals or animation service providers. Getting started with animation video production is as easy as it sounds, you have to make a decision regarding the development of animated explainer video. Explainer videos are supposed to be 90 seconds long, i.e., one and a half minute. In this one minute, you have to explain your whole project or describe the uses and benefits of your developed products or introduce the ideas, perspectives, and prospects of your company or business organizations and enterprise.

Before you start creating your video, there are a few things and key points that you have to bear in mind to make a high-quality and appealing animated explainer video, they are:

•    Well-composed script:

What makes any film or movie a mega-hit? The cast; yes, the production; yes but most importantly the storyline and script. The key to creating an interesting animated explainer video lies in the composition of a brief and comprehensive script. Without a good script, you cannot possibly make an exciting and engaging animated explainer video. The competition is tough in today’s business world and to give a tough time to your competitors. It is crucial that you spend some valuable time in thinking and developing a script. Try to come up with a unique and new message to convey to your targeted audience. Discuss and state the problems faced by your audience and then introduce them to your developed product to introduce them to a new and innovative solution. Discuss their issues in the first few seconds of your video and then explain your offered solution to them in the remaining time and seconds.

•    Visuals, graphics, and audio:

Animated explainer videos are like short films but with a message targeted to a specific set of audience and viewers. To make a high-quality animated video, it is important that the illustrations of your video are relevant to the promotion and branding of the product or project. Illustrations and graphics should be such that they keep the attention of the audience hooked till the last second of the video. Colors, characters, background music, and voiceover, should not be distracting and overwhelming. The layout of the video should match the overall tenor and intention of the script and storyline. The voiceover of the video should be such that the message is conveyed through not only a clear and understandable voice, but it also compels the audience to purchase the product or to become associates of that business organization.

•    Video inauguration:

You have spent some resources, your valuable time and budget in the creation of an animated explainer video so once your video is completed its time to put in all your marketing efforts and utilize all your marketing strategies in its promotion and advertisements. Share this animated explainer video on your social media profiles, share it through emails and upload it on your official business site. Your video reaches the relevant and your target audience situated in every nook and corner of all the international regions.


Animated videos are an influential marketing tool. Through these videos, you won’t only improve your marketing strategies, but it will also help you in expanding your customer base and business prospects.  

Author:Lara Hawkins