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The professional Performance Engineering team executes Load Testing to maximize an application or its infrastructure to meet the demands of a large base of concurrent users.Industry-leading businesses have used professional Load Testing engineers. Engineers with software testing capabilities helps in performance engineering. Performance Engineering services to help them answer questions such as:

Load testing: How many users can the application support? What actual response times will users experience?

Scalability testing: How reliable it the application beyond the normal usage point?

Stress testing: What are the applications limitations and failure behaviour? Have corrections affected a remedy?

To answer these questions, we work with you to implement the Performance Engineering solution that is right for y business.

Infrastructure Configuration Testing

Encompasses setting up and testing various system configurations to assess the requirements and investments needed.

Load Testing assignments involve a number of system environments including client/server, Web, and multi-tier applications.

As part of testing services, we work with you to develop test plans and cases. We can also evaluate, select and implement a tool that is suitable for y specific application and environment. Using Load & Stress Testing tools, for example, we can simulate real-world scenarios and virtual users.

The Professional Load Testing and Performance Engineering Philosophy

To identify components and modules throughout the development cycle and test them to see if they will perform to expectations. This eliminates having to wait until project completion and testing the whole system—while keeping my fingers crossed that it performs as intended.

Load Testing projects typically can be performed through any of three delivery channels: at y location, in one of the labs, or remotely via the Internet.

Regardless of delivery option, we execute all Load Testing work under conditions that mirror real-world usage patterns.

Web Testing services

The professional Web Testing service includes comprehensive testing of both Web-enabled applications and Web sites including functionality, compatibility, stability and usability. We apply a wide range of quality assurance services to static or dynamic Web sites or Web-enabled applications.

Web testing is vital to y business — y Web site is the face of y company, fully exposed to customers, investors, media, and the world at large. You want it to function as designed, and yet constant updating, multiple environments, and interface requirements can interfere with y plans.

As y quality assurance rescue, professional alleviates these pressures. We handle the demands of launch timing, lack of development processes, compressed testing schedules, personnel turnover and security issues.

Professional Web Testing Addresses:



Active Pages



Specific Web Testing Services Include:

Test Management – Professional will develop a custom, comprehensive strategy detailing how y application will be tested. You’ll also be provided with a definition of test and data requirements, along with time, budget and rescue management, and detailed documentation of expected and actual test results.

Test Execution Includes executing test cases, reporting defects, verifying fixes, and validating requirements and design documentation.

A professional company conduct Web Testing either at y site, in professional testing labs, or remotely via the Internet.

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