playing with lego blocks
LEGO blocks are considered to be one of the best things to gift a child. It is just not a mere saying but is backed by many facts. Here are some reasons why playing with LEGO blocks facilitate mental growth of a child.

LEGO blocks help children to familiarise themselves with colours

LEGO blocks are available in every colour and thus act as an excellent source for introducing the primary colours to children. Bright colours are extremely beneficial for children as they draw their attention and further stimulate their visual sense, also strengthening their eye movement. This in turn helps in improving coordination between the hands and eyes. Later when the child gets older, LEGO blocks can be used to teach more complicated colours.

LEGO blocks help children to familiarise themselves with basic shapes

LEGO blocks don several shapes including octagon, rectangle, square and circle. These LEGO blocks can be successfully used to introduce the child to these shapes at a very young age.

LEGO blocks encourage creativity

Once the children are familiar with the LEGO blocks, they can create something out of their imagination and creativity. Making something on their own excites them and in stills the seeds of creativity in them. Even if LEGO blocks are given to the children without any instructions, they will figure out how to use them on their own through trial and error, which helps build confidence and excitement. LEGO blocks also have a profound positive effect on children with disabilities as they eliminate inhibitions and make the child less conscious of his actions.

LEGO blocks teach the children to follow the instructions

Children figure out how to get things done themselves if they aren’t given any instructions. This, in turn, sparks their creativity. However, it is very important to teach the children to follow instructions at the same time. When children play LEGO blocks using methods from the instruction manual, they understand why they had to follow them after seeing the beautiful results. This allows them to trust the instructions that are given to them which further helps them when they join school and are required to follow the instructions given by the teacher. LEGO blocks thus is one of the best educational toys for children which helps them to be attentive and accept the guidance.

LEGO blocks teach children reasoning and problem solving

Children learn to reason and understand sequencing while playing LEGO blocks. If they do not follow the instructions and in case they do not get the best results, it persuades them to understand the concept of sequencing. They understand that their actions lead to a domino effect. If they choose not to follow the instructions but are determined to get a specific result, they unconsciously polish their problem-solving skills. LEGO blocks are the best when it comes to honing a child’s cognitive skills.

LEGO blocks help improve motor skills

While playing with LEGO blocks, children need to understand how to hold and twist them at the correct angles to put them together. Turning and twisting makes a child more flexible as these movements demand muscle engagement from the fingers, arms and hands. This engagement also makes their muscles stronger. This is also beneficial for the children while using scissors and fastening the buttons easily. Playing with LEGO blocks leads to coordination and fluid dexterity. This is vital for activities like colouring, writing, crafting, and dressing independently.

Owing to the benefits of LEGO blocks in the child’s mental development, reputable portals like the Genius Box include them in their kids activity kits. They are ideal for children of every age, enabling them to learn patience.

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