I bet you all might have heard that the most important thing one needs to achieve success in this world is hard work. A common adage is that you have to work harder and suffer more than anyone else if you want to succeed.

But how true is this? Does hard work really trumps it all? 

I have always been a believer that hard work eventually brings all the good things in life, that hard work paves the way for whatever you desire in life be it money, job satisfaction or anything else.

Sadly, and simply it is not true.

‘Hardwork is a necessary but not a sufficient condition’

If you think that working hard will solve all your problems, then you have stumbled at the first hurdle itself.

You are not getting what you deserve at your job?

Work harder, you tell yourself. You are not earning enough to make your ends meet? Work harder, you tell yourself. As if working harder will resolve every problem in your life. And hence, if it doesn’t work out, you become sad and out of solutions as to what is it that you are lacking.

There are few things that hard work may blindside you from. These are:

 Smart Work:

The number of times the hammer strikes a nail doesn’t matter, what matters is the way it strikes it. You may spend hours and hours daily trying to do something, learn something but still find yourself behind what you have aimed for.

Why does this happen? Why your hard work and efforts sometimes go in vain?

The reason behind this is that you have conditioned your mind so as to believe that if you are doing hard work, you are bound to achieve your goal. This might not be true always and hence when it is not, you tend to get frustrated and lose your focus. Smart work is what you should aim for rather than hard work. Figuring out what needs to be done and the best way to do it would reap you more fruits than just try to achieve your goal by brainlessly working hard towards it.


A quote from Sergi Trivino brilliantly captures the essence of the relationship between hard work and purpose, ‘Hardwork without a purpose is like a Ferrari without a steering wheel’. 

You go around smacking the hammer in the wall, continuously without stopping, but wait, where’s the nail?

Where is the purpose for which you have been working hard for so long? Many people fail in their lives not because they lack hard work but because the sense of purpose. They don’t know why they are doing what they are doing.

What is the thing they want to achieve from their hard work and actions?

When you start working on something without clearly knowing the expected results, it may take you hours or days of hard work to realise that it isn’t what you should be doing, if you ever want to achieve your goals. Don’t be a busy, hard-working person. Be a hard-planning person who takes purposeful actions instead.


When you don’t get the results even after doing all the hard work you could have, it breaks you. You find yourself in a place where you feel like you may not be good for anything because even after you have given your blood and sweat towards a cause, you didn’t get success.

Betting all your chips on just hard work will make you vulnerable to breaking down if it doesn’t work out. Just believing in hard work would blindside you from acknowledging that the thing you are working for has an issue which might not be resolved by just doing hard work.

You don’t accept that and continue doing hard work, wasting your time and energy on something which will never come to fruition.

They say that “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”, this is true. But, thinking that hard work alone will take you to the top would be a mistake you wouldn’t want to make.

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