Certification-the most wanted ‘C’.


If you are a student, then, you would easily relate to the significance of a certificate. They are not less than any blessing for them. They are a proof of your degrees and achievements. Yeah, sometimes we need to show them to our friends as an evidence that yes, we have scored such marks in that subject and all (which is fun sometimes). If we cannot convince our group of friends about our accomplishments then, think about the corporate world. It is huge. An individual without any impressive professional certificates is not considered influential and to be frank, he/she seems to be useless for the outside world. The employers evaluate the potential of the candidates based on his/her certifications along with assessment of the individual’s personality in the interview. In that situation, these pieces of paper enhance your value and help you stand out of the crowd. They tend to show your commitment and practical knowledge towards the profession and the skills for which you have been certified.

Top Certification in recent times:

Time has changed now. In this technology-oriented era, where every other thing has been put over the internet, certificates have also not lagged. They have been digitized. The days are gone when we used to earn certificates only for our success in academics, sports or other extra-curricular activities, now, digitized certifications are the burning issue in the market and amongst them the top position has been achieved by the technology giant Google, of course.

‘Google’ Name of the tech-giant is so powerful that anything which uses it as a suffix or prefix automatically catches the eye of the other person and specially the interviewer. If you have a heap of ordinary certificates at one side and a single certification from Google on the other, then, I do not need to mention which would be marked higher than the other. Your resume will emerge automatically from the crowd with flying colors.

Google Certifications-

Google renders certification in many fields, Mobile Web Specialist, Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect, Associate Android Developer, Certified Professional – Data Engineer are a few to name from the vast list.

Some other remarkable benefits of google certifications

    • Certification in Google Analytics lets you enhance your ability of tool usage.
  • Obviously, Google certifies any user for his/her capabilities and skills and to inculcate these abilities you need to work hard and practice well, which will help you in the long run.

HubSpot Inbound Certifications-

HubSpot is for those who have a keen interest in Inbound Marketing Methodology. The certification is open for all for free of cost.

    • You can raise your content marketing skills.
    • If you are looking forward for popping up with your business skills, then, you can learn various marketing and other strategies with HubSpot which includes attracting visitors, converting the leads and many more.
  • And, you can socialize your certificates by adding them in your profile of business- and employment-oriented social networking services which adds a grade to your profile.

certification hubspot

Hope you have learnt the significance of the most prominent piece of paper, the certificates in your professional life.

So, never stop learning and just keep earning more certificates while focusing on enriching your skill set.

Author Bio: Vixit Raj is a digital marketer and guest post outreach expert, holding 2 years of experience in digital marketing. He is well aware of the technicalities of SEO, Google Adwords, and email marketing. By understanding the vision, goals, and requirements of webmasters across the world, he offers lucrative solutions that helps to achieve client’s desired results. 

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