In this article, I am going to tell you about the new technologies which are going to be introduced in a car. You will get to know, How these cars will interact with the help of technology?Let’s start

The car of the future will be able to park alone.

While many manufacturers already offer automatic car parking assistance, Ford has an even more advanced technology: Remote parking assistance, using a simple pressure on a remote control. Still, in the prototype stage, this Ford Focus developed in partnership with Valéo, can manoeuvre on its own, without the driver being in his place. The car engine can also come out of its location thanks to the same action. In addition, the vehicle is also capable of detecting an obstacle and braking to avoid it. In its final version, this technology can be offered via an application on its smartphone.

The car of the future will be able to avoid obstacles.

Ford also unveiled equipment that allows your car to bypass an obstacle and avoid collisions. This feat is made possible because the vehicle can scan the road on nearly 200 meters, and can thus automatically take control of the driving. To achieve such a result, this Ford Focus is equipped for the occasion with three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera that analyze the traffic conditions. The result is pretty bluffing.

The future car will communicate with other vehicles.

There was a time when some drivers used the CB (Citizen-band) to communicate with each other. In the future, Ford should equip its vehicles with a technology that will allow all cars to be alerted in case of problems on the road network. This system, which works with the help of the Wi-Fi, can inform the driver if a car brakes heavily in front of the vehicle that precedes you. This technology can also alert motorists that a work area is approaching, or whether an animal or a pedestrian is trying to cross. This information will allow better anticipation of drivers and should reduce the number of accidents

The future car will analyze your heart rate.

Ford also exhibited a seat that records and analyzes your heartbeat. Knowing that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Europe, controlling the heart rate of drivers seems essential for the manufacturer. Equipped with six integrated sensors, the ECG seat detects signs of irregularities of the heart and blood pressure, and can thus in case of a problem, contact the persons concerned (doctor, Medical Center, family…) via the technology SYNC.

Of course, many car enthusiasts are concerned about the future of the car, and in this case the “all automatic”. The fear of seeing the pleasure of driving disappear in favor of heightened security worries the most fervent supporters of the “Pleasure Car”. In parallel, more and more drivers regard the car as a simple means of locomotion and do not care about the pleasure they can feel at the wheel.

Without being too intrusive, Ford’s technological advances allow motorists to take full advantage of their vehicle without being bothered, and to ride safely.

Author: Fabeeha Javed

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