Each of your business prospects has first impression with your website on first glance. The first thing that creates face value of your business demands a great deal of efforts, brainstorming and time. There could be ample of reasons with us for not giving facelift to our existing website however;

Here are 5 reasons why your website demands change.

Revising and chasing new marketing goals:

Your website would’ve been untouched for few years, it’s time to revive its marketing goals, target specific expected leads and now plan website revival accordingly. Gain better clarity of your business goals, the better the clarity, higher are chances of you achieving business goals.

Double check Content Strategy

With the clarity of business goals emerges right content strategy best suited for your targeted goals.

Sail as per wind – Changes with time:

The entire online population has already shifted from laptops to cell phones. Our business needs to be where our customers are: Online (Cell phone & Media Content)

Resist aversion to Social Media:

Social Media is now a huge traffic diverter to your website and vice-versa. Higher the optimization of Social Media, greater is the traffic we can invite.

21st century demands new marketing strategy:

Your website should reflect every change in your business, right from SEO, business goals till projected growth prospects. To be ahead in the game, we need to the early starters.

Good that you made a decision to give a facelift to your website. Before you even get confused with an ocean of options available to revamp your website, let us help you decide between Custom websites & ready website templates.

I don’t even know what’s Custom websites & ready website templates?

Ready Website Templates (RWT) are the plug and play models for your website. As per suitability to your business, layout, widgets and budget there are ample of ready templates varieties to choose from. Generally these templates are easier on our pocket with minimal time to develop with minor modifications as per the defined scope.

The catch with RWT is, your competitor(s) may too coincidentally have deployed the same template destroying the very purpose of having a website – standing & reaching out. More to it, capability to develop certain customized functionality and SEO support is either limited or not supported.

Tailor-Made Websites

Get your business goals in place and you are all set to design your website to meet your goals. With your business goals the website consultant is better equipped to deliver the best of the search engine friendly websites which can outrun your existing competitors. Tailor made websites does not just fetch you customers, it also create a brand awareness with your target audience.

Now, help me choose!

Our vote goes to Tailor Made Websites as the picture is clear – with your business needs + expected date of delivery + Budget in place we can provide your expected end result much to your expectation. We don’t want to limit your business with readymade templates barring us from any flexibility any time in the future. The very reason Tailor Made Websites are most opted by almost all of our esteemed clients.

  • Adaptability to your business needs
  • Outrun competitors in Search Engines
  • Freedom to explore Creativity
  • Play with Colours, Layouts, and Design Elements to suit needs
  • Web Design Consultation
  • Standards Compliant Code / Cross Browser Compatible
  • Arguments for Using Template

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