While executing your SEO strategies on your WordPress site, one thing that goes on in your mind is that you want instant results. Well, we all do. And obviously there are a number of techniques around that can help you generate results instantly as well. But the important thing to consider over here is to make sure the right execution of all those techniques. And remember that you do not have to use all of those techniques but the ones that should be sufficient to give your WordPress site a boost in the SERPs.

Here are some basic ways to improve SEO on WordPress site as suggested:


1.Choose a hosting Provider that has a history of producing substantial results.

First things first, you need to pick a hosting provider that is vital for Search Engine Optimization. A good host can help you be on top of the SERPs. Inclusive to this, your host provider also plays a substantial role in affecting the downtown of your site. If you have yet created a website, first you need to get in contact with a host that is reliable and can benefit you with its excellent performance.

2.Use a dedicated Search Engine Optimization Plugin

Plugins are small pieces of add-on software that you can install. These add-on softwares let you add new features and functionality to your site. There is a Plugin for each new feature that you want to add to your site that first needs to be installed. They provide small targeted features. For instance, creating a sitemap etc. It will be best if you choose a dedicated Search Engine Optimization Plugin for your website that can add a whole suite of optimization- focused features to your website and make it look appealing.

3.Change the structure of your ‘Permalink’

Permalinks are the essential permanent URLs that direct towards the individual posts, pages, and other content of your website. They’re what sources that people use to connect reference and a link back to your website. Because Permalinks, link directly to your website, hence their presence should be attractive and appealing. They should not be vague, should be very descriptive. So that it becomes easier for search engines to make sense of it and help get a boost in ranking.

4.Use Responsive designs

Digital performance marketing agencies make sure that the site they produce are essentially equipped with responsive designs. This is extremely crucial because most of the visitors of your website are mobile users, so to make your website accessible and user friendly for them, you must craft a responsive design that works on mobiles and any other device as well. To be more precise, the trick is to make design your website in such a way that it reacts and adapts to every user’s device that visits your website.


We believe that improving the search engine optimization of your website can impact your online sales and branding like nothing else. It might take more time and patience than expected but it guarantees fruits and results you will surely love.

Some companies opt for an in-house team to work on the SEO of their websites while many outsource this task and hire leading agencies to take care of this task. Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that SEO of your website is as crucial as anything else.

Author: Humaira Adil is blogger and handles SEO agency in Pakistan.