SUVs are proving as boon for the families by being the best family vehicle. The large set of names which the off-road vehicle has been given in different countries, shows its passion and demand among the car lovers. The appetite of owning SUV of the customers has given a golden chance to the manufacturers of the four-wheeler to showcase their skills in the field of technology and providing the buyers with best possible features of the family SUVs. Read further to get an overview of the best SUVs for family of 2017.

  • Ford Edge

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The paddle shift activated 2-row SUV with seating capacity of 5 grabs the first rank in the list of the family SUVs. The automatic 6-speed transmission based automobile acts as a user-friendly vehicle while offering a good mileage of 17-25kmpl. The coating of caste aluminum on engine block and on the cylindrical head graces the car. The mechanical aspects are huge; horsepower of 245-315 is experienced while giving a torque of 275 lb.-ft. making it one of the best SUVs for family of 5.

  • Honda Pilotcars guest post

The SUV by Honda has grabbed the title of the best 3-Row family SUV in the market. It is more for families with 7 to 8 members. Its 3471 cc V6 engine with horsepower of 280bhp and torque of 262 lb.-ft. The astounding traits of the SUV will force you to buy it without giving it a second thought and it has taken it to the list of the best SUVs for families. It has also graced the SUV with 5 variants- LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite. The multi-angle rear camera with guidelines makes it stand out from the crowd ranging the fuel economy between 18-27 mpg. You can choose the color of the exterior from 11 options.

  • Honda CR-V

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One more family SUV by Honda enters the list. Honda CR-V, the supreme Compact SUV. The automobile with 5 seats costs a bit more than the other vehicles. The specs which differentiate it from crowd and give it a position in the list of best SUVs for family of 5 are- advanced safety technology, its efficient fuel economy and the spacious cargo area. Its price is $24,045. The Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded l-4 engine and cylinders-4 with 6-speed gear box are the highlights.Honda comes up with the best SUV for families.

  • Toyota Highlander Hybridcars guest post

The Japanese automobile manufacturer has made the latest model versatile and affordable. Earlier, it was meant for 7 persons, now it has been increased to 8 with the addition of two new trims. The spacious cargo area, a 4-wheeler ABS system with an AWD drivetrain and well-built cabin are its highlights making it easy to use and one of the best SUV for families. The gas/electric V-6 engine with displacement of 3.5L/211 offers greater values of torque and horsepower. Upmarket and user-friendly interior also adds to the list of its traits.

  • Chevrolet Tahoe

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A lot of features have been added to the three-rows seats of the vehicle by equipping it with comfortable interior which makes it the in-demand and one of the best SUVs for family. The company has taken a good care of its customer’s entertainment with supreme audio system. The vehicle is equipped with Bose premium 9-speaker with subwoofer in center console. The 4 variants of the off highway-vehicle are named as Commercial, LS, LT and Premier. The highlights are gas/ethanol V-8 engine with electronically controlled transmission directly injecting fuel offering horsepower of 355 bhp@5600 rpm and torque of 383Nm @ 4100 rpm.

  • Lincoln MKX

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MKX Premiere, MKX Select, MKX Reserve are the 3 variants of the 5-seater family SUV with fuel efficiency of 18mpg as it is equipped with sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection. The turbocharged V6 engine provides horsepower of 303bhp and torque-278 lb.-ft.  FWD/AWD are the two drive types subsumed by the automobile manufacturer in the SUV tagging it as the most comfortable four-wheeler. The panoramic vista roof, exterior lights, auto-folding power mirrors and automatic hands free liftgate are unique characteristics added in to the automobile. It is priced at $38,620. The comfort and safety features of Lincoln MKX have helped him to gain 8 points out of 10. It is the first vehicle to offer Ravel audio system.

  • Infinity QX60

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It is the SUV first to use the backup collision intervention (BCI), the latest technology, the  significant evolution in driving confidence. Three rows of seating, provides a spacious interior to the QX60. Besides this, the manufacturers have included Bose 13-speaker Premium Audio System with MP3 playback capability to give the buyers a magnificent experience of the ride. The car allows the riders to go hands free of the phone. You can make and receive calls hands free. The rear lift gate can be used while waving a Kick action under the rear bumper. Cord cutter can be eliminated while streaming music wirelessly.

  • BMW X3car automobile guest post

The 5-seater BMW X3 is also one of the supreme Compact SUVs with varying fuel capacity of 14.5 mpg to 18.5 mpg. Two turbocharged engines are there in the four-wheeler, a 240-hp 2.0 liter inline-four and a 300bhp with 3.0 liter inline-six. The only transmission is the eight-speed automatic. The key characteristics are its automatic transmission type using 8 gear box and 4 cylinders with CRDi fuel system. Body is painted with a clearcoat. Front and rear fog lamps help to see clearly in dense foggy weather. The mechanical values of horsepower and torque are 190bhp and 400Nm respectively, which give the automobile a spot in the checklist of the best SUVs for family.

  • Cadillac Escalade

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It is one of the best splendid SUV. It has the biggest body. Luxury, Premium Luxury and the Platinum are the variants. The family SUV is a complete package with capacity of 7 occupants and RWD and 4WD drive train and offers mileage of 15kmpl to 22kmpl. The fuel capacity of 26 liters with V8 engine provides horsepower of 420bhp. Parking would not be any problem as automatic parking assistance is provided. Leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel is also a key feature. Moreover, LED taillamps and LED headlamps with Cadillac signature lamps are included in it. Wireless charging is also an option given to the buyers which makes it stand out of the crowd. Rear vision camera, heated and cooled seats are magnificent features of Cadillac Escalade.

  • Kia Soul

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It is a compact SUV with outstanding features and traits. The electronic brake force distribution (EBD) & Brake assist system (BAS) make it stand apart from numerous family SUVs. The 5-seater vehicle with FWD drive train provides 109bhp of horsepower and 161Nm of torque to the car lovers. Talking about the audio system, 6 premium sounding speaker system with external amplifier and subwoofer installed in it. The massive cargo space and the up-market interior with abundant passenger room highlight the four-by-four vehicle.

Hope the article has diminished all your doubts and queries regarding family SUVs of 2017 and you have made your mind and chosen the apt four-wheeler.

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