You keep hearing that you need to optimize your SEO so that your web pages are well positioned on Google and generate qualified traffic to your website.

However, you do not know which tools for improve your SEO.

Here is a list of 11 tools that I feel very useful to improve your SEO score. This list is certainly not exhaustive as the multitude of resources in this area is vast, but for most of those mentioned, we have at least the advantage of knowing them because we use a good majority in everyday life within the world. ‘Agency. Some tools may also fall into several categories.

Track and analyze website traffic

1. Google analytics or GA

Google Analytics, acquired in November 2005 by the famous search engine, is a free website analysis and audience measurement service.

It is the most well known and used web analytics tool in the world with 10 million sites or 83.4% of the world market that use it.

GA collects different data: number of sessions, pages viewed, the average duration of visit, the location of visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate … and allows to follow many objectives: sales, contact request, and other previously set parameters.

2. Google Search console

Initially, it was intended for webmasters to optimize the SEO of web pages of a site but since 2015 Google is no longer only for webmasters, the proof by changing the name of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to Google Search Console.

It is a complementary tool of Google Analytics that allows checking 90 days indexing pages of your website (that is to say their positioning) by the search engine. It allows, among other things, to track the errors of exploration of your site and to remove the toxic or penalizing links for Google is what is called disavowing URL.

3. Piwik

The successor to PhpMyVisites and adopted by more than one million sites, Piwik is a software program where more than 70 plugins are available. An alternative to Google Analytics, it offers similar features.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Also known as a keyword planning tool, Google Keyword Planner can simulate a keyword buying campaign and find the most relevant and those that generate traffic. It gives you the search volume and the competition for each keyword idea. It’s a great tool for choosing your keywords for your content strategy.

5. Yooda Insight

Yooda Insight is a complete tool that has several purposes including the suggestion of keywords. You can choose the free version but you will be limited in some results, so I recommend the paid version that we use within the agency.

Yooda Insight gives you keyword ideas for each of them with additional useful information for your SEO: the position, the page positioned, the Google searches, the traffic obtained, the competition, the CPC Adwords and the number of results for each search expression.

6. Uber suggest

Uber Suggest, acquired by Neil Patel, is a multilingual tool that gives you keyword suggestions to optimize your long tail. You can filter by language or by media: Web, Images, Shopping, YouTube.

7. Myposeo

Accessible online, Myposeo is a powerful tool for daily tracking the positioning of keywords on different search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It offers several paying formulas: SEM analysis, SEA audit or SEO, SEO or SEA follow-up. You have the opportunity to test the tool for free for 15 days.

Myposeo is an essential tool for your SEO that analyzes 18 million French websites and 15 million keywords updated in real time.

8. Ranks

Like Myposeo, Ranks is an online tool (Saas) that tracks the positioning of your keywords. Also, he carries out the audit of keywords. You can also subscribe to additional options: long tail, followed by competitors. The data are exported in the format XML or csv and graphics in pdf or HTML.

9. Understand his SEO with the crawlers

Screaming frog spider is the ultimate tool for crawling your website pages with two versions: the free up to 500 urls and the pay for an unlimited number. Unlike other tools, Screaming Frog installs on your computer and has the characteristic of not working in SAAS.

He crawls your website and then collects essential information for SEO: the length and name of the title, titles (h1, h2 …), the meta description and the URL of the page but also the list of links, the detail of the images, the 404 errors

10. Improve the popularity of a site

Majestic is a tool to analyze your backlinks which allows you to know the quantity and the quality of links and referent domains of your website (as well as those of your competitors). The ranking is based on two indicators – Trust Flow and Citation Flow – that judge the value and quantity of the links that point to your page. You also have the list of links won and lost.

12. A complete tool to generate keywords, study competitors

Here, I will present a tool that can almost be enough on its own

Initially, SEMrush analyzed the performance of a website (keywords and traffic). Many features have emerged since keyword positioning, SEO audit, crawl, positioning and monitoring the performance of SEA campaigns…. and many others are in the pipes.

Three formulas exist, and if you subscribe to the annual plan, you save about 20%.


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